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First Consultation: £28.79

Consultation for re-examination: £26.54

Bitch spay  (Small - Giant): £235.70 - £295.09

Dog castration (Small - Giant): £175.14 - £210.98

Cat spay from £76.16 (If pregnant from £90.86)

Cat castration £60.86

Rabbit spay: £98.28

Rabbit castration: £75.35

All dogs should be microchipped by law.  Contact us for further information.  


Microchip (small animal) : £10.00



Puppy primary course (2 injection course): £56.86

Dog Annual Booster: £39.66

Kitten primary course Incl Leukaemia (2 injection course): £57.68

Cat Annual Booster Incl Leukaemia: £40.16

Rabbit vaccinatons are also available, please contact us for further information.


Normal working hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

  • Within a 15 mile radius of the Rogart Surgery: £35.16

  • Within a 30 mile radius of the Rogart Surgery: £63.49

  • Within a 45 mile radius of the Rogart Surgery: £112.87

  • More than a 45 mile radius of the Rogart Surgery: £169.31


Out of Hours visits will incur an additional charge in addition to the normal visit charge.


Out of Hours visit before 10pm  £94.12

Out of Hours visit after 10pm £108.32




"Thank you for being so kind to our flat-coated retriever"



(Fully inclusive of post operative pain relief and suture removal).



Includes Health Check


(the cost of goods and services provided is in addition to the Visit fees below)




We regularly monitor the cost of our fees to ensure that we are giving the best rates to our clients.   We will happily provide estimates as to the likely costs of any procedures or treatments.  It should be noted, however, that estimates can only ever be approximate as often a pet's illness or surgery will not follow a conventional course.  We strongly recommend that our clients consider our Pet Health Club which enables you to spread the cost of routine treatments by making small monthly payments, and so provide the best health care for your pet AND save money!


We also recommend that our clients take out insurance to protect against the cost of life-long illnesses such as diabetes, as well as unexpected accidents.  


Settlement of account is due at the end of the consultation, the discharge of your pet or upon collection of drugs/diets. You can settle your account by either using cash, cheque, credit or debit card.


NOTE: Prices given are for our main locations at standard times ie Rogart Surgery 9 – 5, Monday - Friday, and Dornoch Surgery.

Otherwise (other external clinics, house calls, evening appointments and services i.e vaccinations) a surcharge is added to cover the extra costs involved in providing these services.